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 Baroque CHAMBER Orchestra 21 



NO audition.

We have trust in the quality of our teachers recommending their students.

We will have some rotation of players for a fuller enriching experience.

The variety of the week will include:.

 *Intense workshops

*Some Conducted rehearsals .

*Principal lead Chamber work (no conductor)

*Tutorials with top professionals.


Skilled experienced players up to 18yrs of age who are studying 6th grade or equivalent  and above can take part in a week of focus on advanced string repertoire..

This includes leavers and 1st year Uni.

This is designed to encourage finesse of orchestral style and focus on technique to achieve clarity of sound and ensemble .

* Unprecedented opportunity for high school players and above to access practises in the informed baroque style.  Lively , energetic, detailed, beautiful.

* Baroque period skills and technique with Helen Kruger & Members of Australian Baroque.

*up to 18yrs - leavers very welcome . Use as a link to uni level playing.


Baroque specialist Helen Kruger and our team offer an exceptional portal of knowledge usually unavailable to high school musicians.


* January 18th -21st 2021

* 9.30 am - 4pm pm

* Venue - Australian baroque hall. 505 Newcastle st West Perth-Plenty of parking.

* Free Concert Thursday 23rd January (depending on Covid restrictions)

*Cost  $275 by closing date December 12th .

* Early bird rate $250 closes October 30th 2020

High school players not quite up to this level can still have a wonderful playing experience joining the Middle Orchestra camp Jan 11th - 14th .

ENROLMENTS HAVE CLOSED for 2021 Thankyou for your interest.

Perth Summer Orchestra Camp 2021