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PSOC January 2023  
Perth Summer Orchestra Camp running for more than 10 years offers a rich supportive program for all levels of youth music development.
25 professional staff with exceptional experience in orchestral playing and specific education requirements for young musician's development offer a safe, social & educational atmosphere .

        String Orchestras 

PSOC Baroque Chamber Orchestra

PSOC Baroque Chamber Orchestra

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 BAROQUE Orchestra  23


   ADVANCED players up to 18 yrs working with AUSTRALIAN BAROQUE.

Started in Jan 2020 in response to player demand .



Directors :Grace Ah-quee

and Helen Kruger Baroque Specialist

5 DAY CAMP 2023

January Monday 16th-Friday 20th

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CONDUCTOR  Daemon Clark

      4 DAY CAMP 2023

      January Monday 9th - 12th 

  •      Player level 2nd grade - 3rd grade+ AMEB or equivalent .

No exam results required.

NO audition.

PSOC Primary and Middle school String Orchestra .s

  • Strengthening orchestral technique

  •   musicianship

  •   joy of music .

  •   broad range of repertoire .

Continuing in the tradition of inclusive joy in music ensemble this is a group for middle and high school players.

CONDUCTOR Grace Ah-quee


January Monday 9th - 12th 2023

  • playing level 4th - 5th grade +

NO audition

  • Mixed repertoire

  • Emphasis on style and detail.

This is an ideal group for players are interested in middle to advanced playing but aren't quite ready to jump to the intensity of our Baroque Camp. 

This is for strings players who have been learning for at least 2 years who are reading.   
Due to demand we have 2 groups.
1. School year 3 & 4    Conductor Jade Martin                
2. School year 5 & 6    Conductor - Tashana Tweddle


  •   3.5 DAY CAMP 2023 - times on enrolment page.

  •   January MONDAY  9th to 12th 2023

To help with stamina & focus we run this group over 4 days with shorter hours.  


Perth Summer Orchestra Camp 2023

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